Fire Pit Colours



HAND CAST CONCRETE: Paloform high-performance concrete is a proprietary blend of local materials designed to balance aesthetics, durability and sustainability. We use high-volume fly ash in our mix which results in better, stronger concrete (55 MPa) and reduces the energy footprint of our products. Our individual tints are derived from earth oxides, but concrete’s overall colour comes from the cements and aggregates that are used and is minutely influenced by the mixing process and curing conditions. This ensures that every fire pit is unique and is imbued with a rich complexity. Colour variation is one of concrete’s intrinsic qualities, so no single sample tells the whole story. Our six colours represent a broad, balanced range to complement contemporary design: rich and organic; sophisticated and restrained.

METALS: With our choice of metals, we seek to harness each material’s intrinsic properties – and aesthetics. Corten (COR-TEN) or weathering steel is an alloy that develops a stable rust-like oxidation on its surface when it is exposed to the elements. This layer, which continually regenerates, provides a no-maintenance finish that protects the steel from corroding. Paloform corten fires are pre-weathered to provide more even patina coverage while still allowing for natural colour and texture variation.

Stainless steel is used to top our Robata Concrete fire pits and provides a clean, modern finish that contrasts and complements the soft, organic aesthetic of cast concrete. This provides a functional surface that doubles as an outdoor coffee table. Komodo is available in powder coated outdoor finishes, which provide solid, vivid colour and many custom options.