FAQ – Fire Pits

Why aren't there prices on the website?

We ship our fire pits worldwide. We want to make sure that you have the correct pricing and shipping information, in the correct currency, for your region. We will be happy to give you pricing for any of our products if you contact us.

Are any of your propane fire pits self-contained?

No. Our fire pits are too low to accommodate propane tanks inside them.

How does the gas line connect?

The preferred installation method for our fire pits is to have a gas/propane line concealed under a decking surface or underground. The line is then brought up through the base of the fire pit vessel and connects to the burner inside.

Can I put a Paloform fire pit on a wooden deck?

Yes. Our gas or propane fire pits can be placed on any deck surface built to local building code standards.

Can I leave my firepit outside year-round? Do I need to cover it?

Our concrete fire pits can be left outside year-round, but we recommend that they be covered with the supplied Weathertyte fabric cover during the winter or periods of inclemency. Our Corten steel firepits may be left out year-round uncovered. All our firepits have drainage holes on the underside – it is important that this drainage hole not become clogged or covered, as allowing the vessel to fill with water can damage the vessel and/or the burner.

How do you turn on a Paloform fire pit?

Most of our modern fire pits use a manual key valve to control the gas flow and are “match lit” using a butane barbecue lighter or long match. Our Robata line uses electronic controls with a spark igniter controlled by a switch or remote.

What is included in the price?

Fire pit prices include everything needed to connect to a fuel source: all burner components, toppings and a cover.