Modern Fireplace Showroom Update: Boarded and Ready for Concrete!

Work is moving briskly on our Paloform’s modern fireplace showroom at 296 King Street East in Toronto. The framing for the fireplace installations has been completed and the boxes have been clad with the suitable substrates for our hand cast concrete tiles and surrounds.

This is a good opportunity to show some of the steps involved when we create a modern fireplace. As most fireplaces installed today are self-contained natural gas units, we no longer need to build a brick or masonry structure to contain the fire. The two must-haves are a gas supply and a way to vent. Of the two, venting is usually the larger constraint, as it usually means locating the fireplace against an exterior wall or cutting a hole in the roof. In our case, we could have done either, but we decided that going through the roof would be easier than going through the exterior side wall which was constructed of concrete block.

As for the structure, modern fireplace units allow a great amount of design freedom as they are not encumbered by massive chimneys and masonry fireboxes. Clean face fireplaces like our Sparks allow you to clad right up to the viewing window, so that there is no distraction from the fire and cladding. This means that the massing of the fireplace design can be created by framing.

Here is a good illustration of the framing and boarding around one of our Sparks and how, due to ‘clearance to combustibles’ requirements, parts of the substrate needs to be cement board.


And here, where we have framed for our Ecosmart ethanol modern fireplace installation ethanol resized 600fireplace, we have constructed a non-combustible enclosure.