Things we love – Spark Modern Fireplaces

The fireplace industry has come a really long way in the last decade. Ten years ago it was difficult to find a fireplace that did not have louvers, fake logs and an impotent flame. And you could pretty much forget about finding something modern.

Spark, in my view, was one of the pioneers of the modern gas fireplace in North America. They presented a fireplace that was positioned as a “modern fire” and really pared the fireplace down to its essence: the fire itself. I appreciate their approach for several reasons:

They focus material honesty: in this case, the material is the fire. They embrace the challenge of simplicity: minimal is difficult because it must be done well. With a ‘flame-only’ fireplace, of course the quality of the fire is important, but any shortcomings in the product design, quality, and performance become glaringly obvious. They set a lofty bar that they hold themselves to – they don’t compromise their vision of creating design-forward modern fireplaces of the highest quality. They were one of the first companies in North America to consider the fireplace as a design product and actively work with designers to develop and specify their products.

And most importantly (at least to me), they treat their products as mediums for design: elements to be utilized when creating transcendent living spaces. Which makes them perfect pairings for our fireplace mantels, surrounds and claddings.