Fire Pit Options - Colours, Finishes and Accessories | Paloform
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Fire Pit Options

We offer a versatile selection of colours, finishes and topping media choices, as well as hard tops that allow you to turn your modern fire pit into a table when it is not aflame.


You can choose from a selection of carefully curated colours and materials, to create an array of looks that maintain Paloform’s organic modern aesthetic:


Concrete colours are integral, meaning the colour is cast into the material, not applied to the surface. One of the intrinsic qualities of concrete is colour variation: each casting will vary from the next with no two pieces exactly alike. Accordingly, concrete colour samples are not absolutes, but represent a small snapshot of the broad but subtle range of a colour.


Corten steel offers a complex, architectural finish that changes as it weathers and matures to a hardened, maintenance-free surface. Our stainless and powder-coated steel offerings are clean and timeless. Our range of metal finishes is here.


Toppings finish off your modern fire pit, adding richness and flame-enhancing qualities. You can read more about toppings here.


Hard tops in powder-coated aluminum are available for Bento, Miso and Soba. Light weight and durable, these crisp, modern tops convert fire pits into an outdoor coffee tables when you aren’t burning them.