Contemporary Fireplace Mantels and Tiles | Paloform
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Fireplaces occupy a special place in our homes and hearts. The contemporary fireplace conveys warmth and comfort, encourages gathering, and sets the tone for an entire living space. Paloformʼs contribution to contemporary fireplace design is a refined, modern line of concrete fireplace mantels, surrounds and fireplace cladding tiles – original products designed and fabricated in Canada.




  • LINNEA, a set of versatile, minimalist components for the modern fireplace;
  • And FIREPLACE TILES, which may be used on their own or integrated with Linnea to turn simple surrounds into spectacular feature walls.


Our goal at Paloform is to provide design professionals, home and business owners with incredible products to create transformational and timeless contemporary fireplaces.


In creating our concrete fireplace mantels, surrounds and design components, we aim for purity of form and an architectural approach that embraces material honesty and functional appropriateness. Concrete is the focus of our aesthetic – we have pared down each design to allow the subtle tonal variation, solidity and tactility of our concrete to shine through. The simplicity of our designs gives them the flexibility to be easily integrated into a range of project types, while conveying the materialʼs integrity. Our contemporary fireplace products minimally allude to style – but moreover, they are vehicles to harness the creative visions of others. The result is installations that are serene and substantial, capturing a truly unique aesthetic.


Every fireplace surround, mantel and tile is made-to-order specifically for each client and particular space requirements. We work directly with you on the design of your project to ensure that it employs our concreteʼs unique qualities to their full potential. Our standard fireplace surrounds and colours offer wide design versatility but if you require something truly unique, we also offer custom design and fabrication services.


The quality of our fireplaces is a direct reflection of the people who make them. We pride ourselves in our meticulous attention to detail and culture of care. We believe in manufacturing locally, using local materials and being mindful makers of things.


To explore our concrete fireplace design solutions, please start by choosing a fireplace style: Linnea or Fireplace Tiles.
Also, view our concrete colour range.