Bento Modern Fire Pit in Toronto Life Magazine

Bento Modern Fire Pit in Toronto Life

We are excited that our Bento Modern Fire Pit is “The Thing” in the November Issue of Toronto Life. The caption, written by Emily Landau, captures the zeitgeist of the outdoor fire pit’s growing popularity and Torontonian’s love of the urban outdoors. It reads:

Fire Pit Fly Ash Concrete

Fly Ash Concrete – Part One: The Bad, The Ugly…

As makers of luxury concrete fireplaces and fire pits, I believe that we have a responsibility to make our manufacturing process as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. And in the world of green concrete, nothing gets my mixer turning faster than supplementary cementing materials (SCM).


Cast Concrete for Modern Fire Pits

As I talked about in a previous article, Modern Fire Pits, fire pits today take on a wide range of shapes and formats. What is characteristic of modern fire pit design, is fire pits that do not attempt to resemble a "natural" campfire. The modern