In Like A Lion – Can It Be Spring?

It’s past the middle of April and much of Canada and the northeastern United States is recovering from the last blasts of winter. The Boston Marathon just ran with what some are calling the worst conditions in over 20 years. Ontario was battered by an

Marshmallows on an outdoor fire pit

Summer – Long Days and Fiery Nights

Here on the island, the endless spring showers are a distant memory. As dryness reaches the forest floor it becomes hard to believe that it will ever rain again or that these lingering days will ever shorten. As we work and play late into the


Robata 72 Corten – Watch It Burn

This is a propane version of our Robata 72 Corten Linear Outdoor Fire. The 72 utilizes our 80,000 BTU/h burner that has an electronic ignition which can be controlled remotely with a wall switch, or incorporated into a home control system. The topping is dark