Bento 32 Concrete - Charcoal

Outdoor Fire Pits continue to grow in popularity – ASLA

The American Society of Landscape Architects conducts an annual Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey amongst their membership. This year’s survey had 581 respondents and revealed the following results: Top ten project types with the expected highest consumer demand: • Native plants (85 percent) • Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants (83

Fire Pit Fly Ash Concrete

Fly Ash Concrete – Part One: The Bad, The Ugly…

As makers of luxury concrete fireplaces and fire pits, I believe that we have a responsibility to make our manufacturing process as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. And in the world of green concrete, nothing gets my mixer turning faster than supplementary cementing materials (SCM).


Things we love – Stuv Fireplaces

Stuv is a line of incredible, modern wood-burning fireplaces that is made in Belgium by a company called Concept and Forme. These fireplaces are distinguished by their very clean designs, impeccable quality, and innovative, yet understated features.