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Adding Fuel To The Fire Pit – Part 2: Ethanol

The differences between wood-burning, natural gas, propane and ethanol as fuels for modern fire pits. Part 2 discusses ethanol. Ethanol is a fairly recent entrant into the outdoor fire pit product category. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for indoor fireplaces and something of a


Adding Fuel To The Fire Pit – Part 1: NG vs LPG

The differences between natural gas, propane, ethanol and wood-burning fire pits. Part one will compare propane and natural gas. As with most products today, fire pits are available in a wide range of options and it is not always clear what differentiates them. Well, if we


Modern Fire Pits

Fire pits have likely been around since the discovery of fire. By necessity, people gathered around open fire to receive heat and comfort, and even as a matter of life or death. Fire pits have been places for eating and sleeping, storytelling, music and ritual.