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Things we love – Ecosmart Modern Fireplaces

As is apparent to anyone who has perused this blog, Ecosmart Fireplaces are mentioned and pictured a fair bit. To my knowledge, Ecosmart was the first company to introduce modern ethanol fireplaces to the wider North American market. Launched in 2004 by The Fire Company of Australia, Ecosmart Fireplaces are now approved for use in 52 countries. This is a testament to their dedication to testing and safety.

Like all things that we love, Ecosmart Fireplaces was clearly founded on principles of uncompromising product quality and design. The high standard of finish and fit of their products is apparent the moment you open the box. Every aspect of their product and your experience of it, is consistent from the stainless steel lighting rod, to the no-spill fuelling can, to the clean, modern design of the product itself.

modern fireplace ecosmart

The fireplaces themselves were designed with the intent of not only having a versatile, ventless fireplace solution, but to also use a renewable ‘eco-friendly’ fuel: denatured ethanol. The units are self-contained and can be placed in locations where it would be impossible to install a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

modern ecosmart fireplace

Over the years, Ecosmart Fireplaces has steadily grown its product offering to include wide, linear format burners, outdoor fire pits, and multiple burner configurations, all the while maintaining its commitment to quality, safety and clean, modern design.

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