Fireplace Design

Adding Fire to Outdoor Spaces – Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Spring is officially in the air! Once again, the promise of warmth entices us outside to feel fresh air on our skin and share time...

Designing Modern Fire Pits – Fire As A Design Medium

In my posts about modern fire pit toppings I alluded using fire as a design medium. This is a fundamentally different approach than one might take if...

Concrete Fireplace Design Glossary – “Artifacts”

When designing concrete fire pits and other architectural elements, it is important to have a good understanding of not only the material’s aesthetic qualities, but...

Designing a Concrete Fireplace – Part 2: Colour

This is part two in a series of posts about designing fireplace mantels, surrounds, tiles and other fire features with precast concrete. I hope to...

Figure out what lights your fire. Then chase the match. - Unknown

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