About Paloform

Our Philosophy

Paloform was founded on the desire to create well-designed products that transform and inspire the spaces we inhabit, and on the idea that good design subtly and continuously informs our well-being.

Our hand-crafted outdoor fire pits and fireplaces utilize concrete, Corten, stainless steel and aluminum and are the result of over twenty years of experimentation, refinement and a lot of heavy lifting.

These are the beliefs that guide our products and our business:

We believe in the union of industry and alchemy

We see industry as both the drive to innovate and good old-fashioned hard work. Alchemy is the elusive magic that results when the wheels of industry come into alignment – and something greater is created.

We believe in coaxing beauty from humble materials

We don’t believe in intrinsic value, but we do believe in intrinsic beauty. Beauty is often found in unlikely places. Sometimes it just needs to be seen to be appreciated and sometimes it lies just below the surface, awaiting vision and encouragement.

We believe in handmade

As internationally renowned designer Hella Jongerius said: Perfection is macho. And boring. I like to see the hand of the maker. There is something special about handmade things – that during the process of creating, there has been a dialogue between the object and the maker: a continuous series of aesthetic judgments and responses to a piece that evolves until it is deemed to be finished.

We believe that the whole is inseparable from its parts

In the same way that you cannot separate the success of a design from the delight and satisfaction of its user, you cannot judge the success of a business without looking at the way it does business. We aim to be mindful makers of things and to benefit all stakeholders in the “whole”: customers, employees, community, and world.

We believe in local

We are proud to make things in our own backyard, hiring local people and whenever possible using local materials. Not only do we aim to be sustainable and support the local economy, but the immediacy of ‘here and now’ puts us more in tune with our products, our people and the needs of our customers.

We believe that good design improves our lives

We really do.

The most tangible of all visible mysteries - fire. - Leigh Hunt

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