Bento Corten Fire Pit

Modern minimalist fire pit design with the richness of weathering steel.

The weathering steel version of our square, modern campfire, Bento Corten fire pit combines the mesmerizing beauty of open flame with the rich patina of rusted metal. The square format, available in two sizes, offers clean lines and is the perfect centrepiece to a modern entertaining space. 

As with all of our Corten fire pits, Bento Corten, is manufactured from heavy-gauge, 3/16″ / 5 mm thick steel which can last a lifetime. For more on Corten weathering steel please see our fire pit colours page.

Bento Corten is also available in our five standard powder-coat colours. 

Bento Corten fire pit offers your choice of two burner styles: a manually-lit version with standing pilot and safety thermocouple, or electronic ignition that may be controlled with a wall switch or wireless remote. Corten fire pits are pre-weathered to provide even patina coverage.

Technical Specifications:

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