Nimbus Modern Firepit Table

A dining-height fire pit designed to be the hub of outdoor entertaining.

Designed with functional elegance in mind, Nimbus dispenses with the superfluous—clean minimalist lines, a substantial presence, and a sturdy demeanor. Nimbus has generous dimensions and is set at dining height for occasions that demand an ample eating surface or a dancing fire to host heated conversations.

Nimbus firepit table is 72” x 42” x 29” tall (1829 x 1067 x 727 mm) and is made of heavy gauge, durable, powder-coated aluminum. Its fire is a 36” (914 mm) linear burner that can be fuelled by natural gas or propane. The fire pit element can be covered when not in use with the flush burner cover.

The burner provides a 60,000 BTU/h (18 kW), more than enough to fire up your social events, and is available with a match-lit ignition with a safety pilot, or an electronic ignition that may be connected to a switch, remote, or home control system.

All of our firepit table burners are certified to the latest safety standards: CSA/ANSI in North America, CE under the European Gas Regulation for the EU and UK, and by Gasmark in Australia.


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