Bento Modern Fire Pit

With minimalist style and a substantial feel, Bento modern fire pit is the quintessential contemporary campfire.

Cast by hand in smooth, high-performance concrete, Bento modern fire pit’s geometry and crisp details allow it to be easily incorporated into a modern landscape design. Its square footprint is a modern fire pit frame that serves as a clean counterpoint to the soft aesthetic of fire.

Bento modern fire pit is available in two sizes: 32″x32″ / 813 x 813 and 42″x42″ / 1067 x 1067. See below for complete specifications. Bento includes your choice of two burner styles: a match-lit version with the standing pilot and safety thermocouple, or with electronic ignition that may be controlled with a wall switch or wireless remote. Further, natural gas and propane-fuelled fire pit versions are available. 

All of our modern fire pits come complete with your choice of topping medium, and a commercial-grade all-season cover and are available in a selection of architectural concrete colorsTabletops are also available if you want to turn your fire pit into an outdoor coffee table when it is not aflame.

Technical Specifications:

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