Feature Project – A Private Sanctuary in Thornbury, Ontario

In the scenic town of Thornbury, where outdoor living is the lifeblood of its residents, a team of designers collaborated to create a contemporary home that echoes the locale’s intrinsic charm.

Contemporary home with a fire pit in the outdoor living area.

The property, with its clean lines and monochrome palette, exudes an air of sophistication complemented by the lush greenery of the native cedar that envelops it. While the design greatly expanded the home’s living space, privacy was of paramount concern for the residents. The designers took advantage of the existing tree canopy along with strategic plantings to create visual screens and give the feeling of being surrounded by forest.

The design team was also very deliberate with the selection of materials and colour for this project. The interplay of wood and concrete, while creating a modern geometric context, mirrors the dynamic ebb and flow of nature itself. These materials weather and age, just as the surroundings change appearance with the seasons.

Contemporary yard with custom pergola, dining table, and a fold fire pit

The home’s interior living room, with glass doors, opens to the expansive yard that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces. Walking out, one is greeted by a cedar deck featuring a custom pergola with a six-seater table and grill tailored for outdoor entertaining. The deck further opens to a lower-level yard that transitions the space into greenery with a modern outdoor lounge area amidst the generous lawn.

Fire Pit Ideas | 48-inch square fire pit in the middle of a patio

Central to this relaxed seating area is a Fold fire pit, its low stature and crisp lines adding a subtle dynamism to the otherwise minimalist aesthetic. The sleek sofa sets and side tables surrounding the fire create an inviting atmosphere for people to sit back and enjoy the warmth of the flames while immersed in the verdant surroundings.

Lounging area surrounded by lush greenery with a fold fire pit in the middle

The sublime integration of contemporary aesthetics and the natural surroundings imbues the space with a sense of harmony and tranquility, offering a peaceful and relaxing retreat to guests and residents alike.

For more information on our Fold fire pit, please click here.

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