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Things we love – Stuv Fireplaces

Stuv is a line of incredible, modern wood-burning fireplaces that is made in Belgium by a company called Concept and Forme. These fireplaces are distinguished by their very clean designs, impeccable quality, and innovative, yet understated features.


I really appreciate their modernist approach which focuses not only on optimizing the functional aspects of the units (heating efficiency and installation flexibility) but on the aesthetics: Stuv fireplaces focus on presenting the fire in a clear and uncluttered way. Their built-in and free-standing offer an array of interesting and artistically proportioned options that really allow the fires to be showcased as part of modern designed spaces.


Stuv also offers some interesting and creative features that make the experience of using their fireplaces quite unique without taking away from the cleanliness of their designs. Features such as unique sliding glass doors, which are really like having an operable door without the appearance of a door. And in the case of the Stuv 30, a rotating curved glass door that provides the option of a glass door, an open fire, and a slow-burner that has increased air-tightness.

Long before they were available in North America, we have been fans of the wood-burning fireplaces of Stuv.

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