Pics of the Week – Modern Concrete Tiles: Hand Cast in Canada

Some pictures of our modern concrete tiles and sample swatches in production in our facilities in Brampton and Toronto, Ontario. All of our products are cast by hand in our location using local materials. Concrete tile samples, fresh out of the hopper! All of our fireplaces and fire pits are available in our range of integral colours. Large fireplace tiles in curing racks. These tiles are used as colour samples for designing fireplace mantels, fireplace walls and fire pits. The colours are all integral, meaning that they are pigments mixed right into the concrete. This is a nice illustration of the type of colour variation typical within a single piece; you can also see some tiny air bubbles. All of these are artifacts of the casting process.

For more information on concrete colour, see Designing a Concrete Fireplace – Part Two: Colour.

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