Are Outdoor Fire Pits Legal in Toronto? Part 2 | Paloform
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Are Outdoor Fire Pits Legal in Toronto? Part 2


This is a question that is often asked of us, and often misunderstood – for good reason. Until recently, trying to get a definitive answer to this question has been difficult and online research usually uncovers at best, vague language and at worst, nothing. Not so any more. The city of Toronto has finally published clear guidelines on what is allowed and what is not under the city’s fire code. Here is the link. As you can see, it is a clarification of what I had written a couple of years ago and can be summed up like this:

1. Open air burning is not permitted – by “burning” they mean with solid fuel: wood, coal, books etc…

2. … unless with written approval of the Toronto Fire Services Fire Prevention Division

3. … or when used for smoking meat

4. Natural gas or propane fire pits, when certified to CSA standards are permitted when installed and operated in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions.

So there you have it: Toronto’s rules laid out clearly. Now if only we could say the same for NYC…